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Your safer company to grow

Latú provides all the support and offers the best experience so that you can focus on the growth of your business.

Tailored solutions

Latú offers customized insurance to meet the needs of businesses of any size and segment.

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Latú uses technology to simplify the insurance process, ensuring quick coverage.

Specialized support

The team of experts at Latú provides consultancy and ongoing support for each client.


Latú is with you throughout the entire process.

We were tired of bureaucratic processes, so we built a better way to serve our clients.


Understand your risks

Our team of experts can help assess the unique risks of your business and provide guidance on how to mitigate them.


Forget confusing forms

We know that filling out numerous forms consumes precious time, so we have simplified our process to make it as straightforward as possible.


Choose the ideal coverage

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of coverage options and limits to choose from.


Count on us

Whether it’s using insurance, adjusting coverage, or in case of doubts, our team will be available to offer agile and efficient support.


How does a business insurance claim work?

Understand through examples what causes insurance claims in businesses.

1. The problem

A technology company executive has been accused of diverting company funds for their own personal benefit.

2. What was done

After an investigation, it was proven that the executive was innocent.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covered defense costs and reimbursed the executive’s payment while they were on leave.

1. The problem

An employee of a company clicked on a phishing link that installed malware on the company’s system, resulting in the interruption of their systems and operation for several days.

2. What was done

The company notified their Cyber Insurance provider, who initiated an investigation of the incident.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covered the costs of system recovery, including coverage for lost profits resulting from the interruption of operations.

1. The problem

A law firm is hired to defend a company in a legal proceeding. During the process, a documentation error occurs that harms the company’s defense.

2. What was done

The company activates the Professional Liability coverage and hires specialized lawyers to defend the accused law firm.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covers all defense costs and, in the end, the law firm is considered innocent of professional error charges.

1. The problem

A partner of a logistics company slipped and fell in a storage area, suffering serious bodily injuries.

2. What was done

The company has activated their general liability insurance, which has taken responsibility for investigating the incident and covering legal and defense costs.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer reached an agreement with the injured partner, paying compensation for bodily injury covered by the general liability policy.

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Dynamic and personalized online protection

Only a company that uses technology as its foundation is capable of offering cyber insurance that truly covers all online threats.

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