Professional Liability (E&O)

Protection against client claims for financial damages alleging errors or negligence in your service.

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  • Legal expenses coverage
  • Peace of mind for the execution of your services
  • Avoid losses with lengthy processes

In summary

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Check out some questions that will give you a better understanding of Professional Liability Insurance

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

  • Protection against liability risks arising from errors or omissions in the provision of professional services
  • Guarantees payment for bodily, material, and/or financial damages caused to third parties
  • Includes coverage for legal defense costs

Why is it necessary?

  • Ensures the financial health of your company in the event of a customer claim due to errors in your services
  • Requirement for certain commercial contracts in some industries

Who needs it?

  • Companies that provide professional services, such as consulting firms, advertising agencies, technology companies, among others
  • Professional freelancers, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, architects, among others.


With relevant risks, it is essential to be insured

BRL 94 million

Average cost of defending a business lawsuit in Brazil

Amaral, Yazbeck Advogados

R$ 260 million

Amount paid for Professional Liability claims in Brazil in 2022


8.5 million

Average number of consumer lawsuits per day in Brazil.

Brazil National Council of Justice


What is included in the coverage?

Defense costs

Payment of lawyers and expenses related to legal investigations involving the provision of professional services, including negligence, error, or omission.


Covers indemnities for material, moral, and aesthetic damages caused to third parties resulting from failures in the provision of professional services.

Expert fees

Coverage for expert fees for alleged damage assessment.

What is not included


  • Fraudulent, illegal, or unethical actions carried out by policyholders that cause harm to third parties.
  • Compensations resulting from breach of contracts by policyholders.
  • Data breaches and cyber attacks, covered by Cyber Insurance.
  • Bodily and property damage not directly caused by errors in service provision, which is covered by General Liability Insurance.


Use cases

Examples of E&O claims

1. The problem

A law firm is hired to defend a company in a legal proceeding. During the process, a documentation error occurs that harms the company’s defense.

2. What was done

The company activates the Professional Liability coverage and hires specialized lawyers to defend the accused law firm.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covers all defense costs and, in the end, the law firm is considered innocent of professional error charges.

1. The problem

A technology company developed a software that presented serious failures, causing financial losses for a client.

2. What was done

The company activates the Professional Liability coverage and hires specialists to investigate the error and correct it.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covers the costs of software correction and compensates the client for the financial loss suffered.

1.The problem

An accounting office makes a mistake in providing tax management services to a client, causing fines for unpaid taxes.

2. What was done

The accounting office activates the Professional Liability Insurance coverage.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covers the costs of correcting the error and any fines imposed on the client, avoiding financial losses for both parties involved.

1. The problem

Real estate agent sells property with irregular documentation, causing legal and financial problems for buyers.

2. What was done

Buyers file legal actions, alleging negligence and omission of information by the brokerage.

3. Outcome of the event

Insurance company activates civil liability insurance, covering defense costs and compensation. Document verification failure is proven and buyers are compensated.