D&O Insurance

Protection designed for managers and all those who make up the administration and leadership of the company.

  • Protection for executives’ personal assets
  • More peace of mind for managing your company
  • Broad coverage for various risks to leadership
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In summary

Understand the product

Check out some questions that will give you a better understanding of D&O Insurance.

What is D&O insurance?

  • Protection for current, former, and future executives, including advisors, directors, and employees with management powers.
  • Flexibility to cover managers hired as legal entities.
  • Includes subsidiaries and affiliated companies, as well as providing global coverage for international entities.

Why is it necessary?

  • Leadership protection against claims from investors, shareholders, and regulatory bodies in adverse situations.
  • Provides extensive financial coverage in legal proceedings, administrative actions, and investigations.
  • Provides security and peace of mind to executives to focus on efficient management of the company.

Who needs it?

  • Companies with a board of directors and/or executives who make important decisions that affect the company and its shareholders.
  • Publicly traded, private, or non-profit companies.
  • Companies that want to mitigate financial risks of their leadership and representatives.


With relevant risks, it is essential to be insured

2.8 Million

This is the number of labor lawsuits judged in Brazil in 2021.

(General Report of Labor Justice 2021)

BRL 500 million

Amount paid for D&O claims by insurers in Brazil in 2022.



Executives involved in criminal cases in Brazil are convicted.

(Viseu Lawyers)

14 years old

It is the average duration of tax processes in Brazil, accumulating high defense costs.

(Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics)


What is included in the coverage?

Defense costs

Payment of lawyers and expenses related to investigations in legal proceedings involving directors and administrators, including regulatory, labor, civil, tax, and other violations.

Fines and indemnities

Covers civil and administrative fines and compensations for extrajudicial or judicial settlements imposed on executives.

Benefits and freedom

Coverage for personal expense payments in cases of bank account freezes or temporary professional disability, as well as coverage for costs related to asset confiscation and extraditions.

What is not included
  • Fraud or dishonesty: illegal or unethical actions that cause harm to the company or third parties.
  • Third-party damages caused by insured individuals in their capacity as citizens.
  • Claims that professional service failures of the company caused damages to third parties, which are covered by Professional Liability insurance.
  • Data breaches and cyber attacks: covered by Cyber Insurance.

Use cases

Examples of D&O claims

1. The problem

A technology company executive has been accused of diverting company funds for their own personal benefit.

2. What was done

After an investigation, it was proven that the executive was innocent.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covered defense costs and reimbursed the executive’s payment while they were on leave.

1. The problem

An executive is accused of workplace harassment by an employee and the company is being sued for allowing such behavior in the workplace.

2. What was done

The company activates its D&O coverage and hires specialized lawyers to defend the accused executive.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covers all defense costs and, in the end, the executive is found innocent of allegations of harassment.

1. The problem

A retail company is the target of a lawsuit by investors who claim financial losses resulting from misguided decisions made by the company’s executives.

2. What was done

The company activates its D&O coverage and hires specialized lawyers to defend the accused executives.

3. Outcome of the event

The insurer covers all defense costs and, in the end, the process is closed with the company and its executives being acquitted of the charges.

1. The problem

Payment company faces tax evasion and financial information manipulation charges against executives, requiring D&O insurance coverage.

2. What was done

Company activates D&O and hires specialists to defend executives before tax authorities and courts.

3. Outcome of the event

Insurance company covers legal and tax costs, proving compliance with accounting practices and absolving executives.